IAHGames is the real culprit. Period.

•October 11, 2014 • 2 Comments

The real culprit for the blockade of USA Players is IAHGames.

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that everytime they do a maintenance, I am magically unblocked. Then they do some adhoc maintenance and after that, I am blocked once again. The adhoc maintenance they do is because they clearly forgot to block USA players so they better do it before the whole economy collapses and the world gets destroyed.

IAHGames has been lying all this time. Their business is a mockery to everyone, an insult to the customers.

If they are going to do shit like this, is better to make an official statement. At least you would get points for being honest and clear.

Seriously now. Why do they block USA Players? seGE is so dead right now, there are barely any players in there, even at peak hours. Is always the same 20 guys from the big factions online, and 1 or 2 newbies. The rest are bots owned by the 20 guys from the big factions.

I got so bored of GE that I ended up playing Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn and so far I don’t regret it at all.

tl:dr -> IAHGames blocks USA players. Period.






It seems it was too much to ask for…

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I’ve been receiving comments from people that sGE will not connect if you are using any of the big internet corporations if you are in USA. This seems to have happened after the last maintenance from IAHGames last Wednesday the 3rd or sometime after that last maintenance.

I checked for connectivity with Comcast and I am once again blocked. =__________=
And apparently several readers are on the same boat as me.

Fuck you Comcast.

I guess the little freedom was short lived.

Back to using those terrible VPN clients.

USA has UNBLOCKED IAHGame’s Granado Espada

•August 28, 2014 • 5 Comments

With the Armonia Update to this server, it seems that USA also unblocked IAHGames. At least if you’re using Comcast. I have yet to check with other providers like AT&T or Time Warner.

Here is a screenshot of the trace route connected from a Comcast connection. Notice it is no longer blocked in Chicago and the signal now goes straight to Singapore.

Verric, Starstorm (Ashardalon), and any other famous GE blogger that follows me please pass the word.

Fun Fact:
I have less lag on a server on the other side of the world, than on the North American FF14 servers.


Selane is the best runner ever

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I love her running animation. Its soooo bad, its hillarious.

This had to be made.


I got Illusion Finally.

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As the title says. I finally got my hands on Illusion.

At first I didn’t think I would get her because she didn’t look that interesting to me. But being a fan of Rapier users in GE, I eventually made up my mind and got her.

My first impression of her is positive.

She plays very similar to Valeria Vendetta using Vendetta stance.
ATK is similar, Damage is similar, even the skills in general are similar, with the exception of the last skill. The one with the mirrors.
I found that last skill to be quite hard to target, because the target or click will not be located at the center of the circle, but instead it will be located on one of the mirrors.
Her atk speed is slower, but Shes pretty decent so far. All I need now are upgraded rings, and vis. lots of vis lol.

Defensewise, Illusion is not a tanky character, so she is not ideal to tank bosses, not even for Bounty Hunters, unless you have tons of money to spare on potions.

Overall I like her, and I was able to make a team with her, Valeria Vendetta and Sierra.

I hope to keep using her more and more.

I thought of making a little guide for her, but she is pretty straight forward, just like Valeria Vendetta, and most of the characters in GE. Nothing too complicated to explain.

That’s all for now!

Big thanks to the famous GE bloggers like Startstorm, Verric, and all the others (you know who you are!!) for spreading the word about the IP block issue 😀 You guys are awesome!


Rapiere Update on V21.53.30

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Hello Citizens of Granado Espada.


I have discovered that Rapiere got a slight tweak during the latest patch update, and it has gone largely unnoticed.

It is not included in IAH Games’s patch notes located here: http://www.iahgames.com/ge/docs/post/50998696


Unnoticed because a lot of people are still too horny using Grandies, JD, and now Levin. and Rapiere users are not widely used among the sGE population.

The buff for Rapiere includes a proc that occurs when the user blocks a magic spell under the effects of Ropera.

[Magic Counter Attack]

The user will gain a 10 second buff giving 50% skill damage on the next skill.

Its good to see that Rapiere users are getting some love 🙂 The stance is for the most part outdated compared to the newer stances, but don’t let that fool you. I massacred a fully buffed and equiped Montoro with only Soul of Grim Reaper, Grim reaper buff and Ropera enabled. This stance is deadly against magic users or Magic monsters, and now with the counter buff, this makes it even deadlier.

Hmmm.. I should do a short guide in Rapiere since it seems people don’t seem to understand the potential of this stance. We’ll see how that goes!



Revisions_v2.txt – Extreme Edition.

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IAH Games can sometimes put your love for the game to the test.

As if the Revisions_v2.txt wasn’t enough already, IAH Games decides to make a half assed patched with what seems to be noob engineers. The game has been broken for the past week with this issue, and after last night’s update (it happens at night time for me) they just broke the game and decided to open up the servers like that.

This is probably what happened at IAH’s office during the last update.

IAH Product Manager: How is the update coming along?
IAH Engineer: Not good sir! We broke the game and we don’t know how to fix it!
IAH Product Manager: That’s fine, the game is already broken as is. Release it now!
IAH Engineer: But–
IAH Product Manager: NOW!!!
IAH Engineer: YOLO!!!

…And that’s why we have a broken game.

Having said that. The previous temporary fix for the Revisions_v2.txt issue is no longer viable and you will NOT be able to patch. You just have to… improvise.


I really should start making rage comics about my daily struggle with GE. It really puts my love for the game and Cherlyn to the test.